Hellcat 2.50 Upper Supercharger Pulley Kit
Metco Motorsports SolutionsHellcat 2.50 Supercharger Pulley Kit

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Hellcat 2.50 Upper Supercharger Pulley Kit

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One of the easiest ways to pump up the power of your Hellcat is to increase the boost levels. When it comes to aftermarket pulley technology, there is no better choice than Metco. Metco design engineers considered the engine's rpm capability, durability, and other unique features to create the ultimate choice in aftermarket blower pulleys.

Metco offers 5 options for you to choose from 2.85", 2.75", 2.65", 2.50", and 2.40". This simple replacement pulley gives the illusion of a factory stock diameter pulley to the untrained eye; but if you know cars, you will understand the powerful capabilities of this pulley.



  • +7-9 LBS of Boost
  • Three-piece Design
  • Steel Pulley Hub
  • Interchangeable Ring
  • Front Pulley Cover
  • Black-Anodized Finish
  • Call For Belt Sizes
  • For use with E85



The OE supercharger pulley can be threaded off the blower shaft once the supercharger snout has been separated from the case. Once the snout is off, a Metco 1" Hex Tool can be used to thread the pulley off and on the snout.

The Pin Holding Tool (PN HPT2000) is also available to assist in holding the supercharger pulley shaft stationary while the hex tool is used to unscrew the original supercharger pulley. The Pin Holding Tool requires the optional adapter to properly fit the supercharger used in the Demon and Redeye application.


All boost levels are approximations and results may vary.


This pulley is intended for professional installation only. The upper portion of the supercharger must be disassembled so the supercharger snout can be removed.  Installation instructions are not provided.


For all supercharger pulley changes, the PCM calibration for the vehicle must be revised to accommodate the increased boost level.  


User assumes all risks.  Installation of this pulley may affect your warranty.


Not CARB Legal: Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states.

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Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailStockPriceAdd to Cart
 MET HCP2.50Dodge Challenger (2015-2018) - SRT Demon/SRT Hellcat/SRT Hellcat Redeye6.2 V8 GAS FI 6166cc | Supercharged0$259.00BUY
+ -
 MET HCP2.50Dodge Charger (2015-2018) - SRT Hellcat6.2 V8 GAS FI 6166cc | Supercharged0$259.00BUY
+ -
 MET HCP2.50Jeep Grand Cherokee (2018) - Trackhawk6.2 V8 GAS FI 6166cc | Supercharged0$259.00BUY
+ -
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