Innovators West Harmonic Balancers
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Innovators West Harmonic Balancers

Give Your Engine One Of The Finest Racing Harmonic Balancers On The Market!

Innovators West Harmonic Balancer Innovators West has been making high quality SFI 18.1 certified harmonic balancers for over 25 years right here in the USA, using only American components.

Innovators West harmonic balancers are made from an all aluminum case design, stress-proof steel hub, and 1040 steel internal inertia rings. This gives their harmonic balancers a lower reciprocating weight and outstanding durability, making this a great product for street and/or race applications. Inside the all aluminum case design is a free floating wet friction clutch pack assembly utilizing spring loaded inertia rings to dampen crankshaft harmonics over a wide RPM range. When used together they provide outstanding dampening action, however this action does generate some heat. That is why they use a small amount of liquid to dissipates heat and act as lubricant.

Some Of Options Include:

  • Flying Magnet Crank Trigger
  • Overdrive, Standard or Underdrive Serpentine Pulleys
  • Matching 8 and 10 Rib Pulley Conversion Kits
  • Internal or Externally Balanced Models