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The first parts we upgraded on this 03 Cobra SVT was the factory air box and the 2 1\4 stock exhaust system. The NEW STRAIGHT SHOT™ 95mm Mass Air System flows 70 CFM over the best existing aftermarket mass air system available on the market today. Instantly, we felt a very noticeable power increase. Since we were working in the area, we also decided to upgrade the stock throttle body to an Accufab Billet Throttle Body & Power Inlet Pipe. Next, we had the supercharger ported to allow even more airflow. Finally, we added MAC's new patented a 2 ½ PRO CHAMBER and a 3” Durablack MAC Cat back. The result was a Cobra that sounds good, gets more air, and has an estimated additional 60 HP!

The new Cog System from Motoblue has been installed to give us maximum boost with zero slip. Thanks to precise tuning and engineering the installation process was simple and straight forward. Included in the kit are the pulleys needed for full assembly and the option to place the Cog components separately. After performing some “Street Tests”, we discovered that this system did not show any signs of supercharger fatigue. Now this Cobra is strong, sounds mean and runs hard. We can't wait to see what it will do on the DYNO.

We have found that when you increase boost above 16 psi or above 500 HP, the factory fuel injectors become inadequate. The injectors must be able to supply a large amount of fuel at wide-open throttle to prevent high rpm lean out, and transitional amounts to cover all of the operating conditions in between. To achieve this, we “upped” it with 60 Lb Siemens High Impedance Injectors and SVT Focus Fuel Pumps the stock fuel rails were replaced using MOTOBLUE’s HP Series Kit. These fuel rails provide the right amount of fuel supply for the most extreme mods on the Cobra. The best feature of this kit is the friendly installation process.

The heat exchanger was also replaced with an AFCO heat exchanger and Water Wetter was added to keep things cooler. The DiabloSport Predator programmer was just the right computer option needed to make sure this powerhouse would run at its best... The last item added was a new suspension kit. EIBACH’s Pro Kit gave it a much stiffer ride and better cornering. Kenny Brown's hard launch kit kept the wheels from hopping and gave it a much better take off. A rear sway bar from Kenny Brown also kept the body flex to a minimum and helped a lot with taking the turns. To help control all the ponies under the hood we installed a Stage II Clutch and a steel flywheel from Ram Clutches. To keep the rear-end parts under the Cobra, we installed the Drag Pac which includes a hard launch cross bar with the I.R.S. differential.

We are off to the DYNO! To be continued……...

Now that all the DYNO tuning is finally complete, we got everything out of the EATON supercharger that we could possibly get. So what’s next? Check it out!! That’s right! We installed a polished Whipple Twin-Screw Supercharger! This SC upgrade is awesome! Whipple can produce incredible power levels with the stock 4.6L Cobra engine as well as highly modified engines. To make things even better, it’s a direct bolt-on from the factory Eaton charger. No modifications needed! Since we had this bad boy apart, we also installed the Crower Stage III cams to go with the higher boost levels that we will be exploring.

test car Keeping in mind that we had added significant amounts of boost, we deiced to install both a Vortech and a Canton Racing Products coolant expansion tank. The addition of the expansion tank forced us to move the battery to the back. We used the Moroso battery box relocation kit. Not only did this free-up space, but it added some much needed weight on the rear of the car. MOROSO tested it on their 4-wheel digital scale and found that moving a 35 pound battery from the left front of the car to the right side of the trunk actually put 60 pounds on the right rear tire, where you need it most for traction. The heat exchanger had been upgraded early in the modification process but AFCO had recently released the PRO Series Double-Pass heat exchanger. Of course we had to have it! This new double pass design incorporates a 360 degree welded baffle to prevent any internal coolant bypass. The baffle first forces coolant through the top half of the heat exchanger and then through the bottom half, giving the heat exchanger the opportunity to dissipate heat twice. This allowed us to better cool the Cobra and we were able to shorten all of the factory coolant lines.

Once again we had to return to DiabloSport with a new list of modifications. Since there will be larger amounts of air-flow and higher boost levels we installed the DiabloSport MAF.ia. The MAF.ia.'s principal use is to support forced induction tuning. The MAF.ia. does this by recalibrating the signal output from your Mass Air Flow meter. The MAF.ia. also eliminates the need for a calibrated Mass Air Flow meter for bigger injectors. Toss in an AEM Wideband UEGO Controller with the help of DiabloSport and our highly trained in house tuners at cmr@rpmoutlet.com, and we can make some serious horsepower! It is truly amazing to look back at all of the modifications we have made to this once stock 2003 Mustang Cobra SVT. It might sound completely unreal, but we can promise that it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We have worked hard and spent many hours to modify, improve and test this Cobra so that you could easily benefit from our efforts. Give it a try! You will not be disappointed!


Our list of specifications as of MARCH 06:


  • EradaSpeed Fronts +2
  • EradaSpeed Rears +2
  • EradaSpeed Pads

Computer Tuner

  • Diablosport Predator
  • Diablosport MAF.ia
  • 95mm MOTOBLUE meter housing


  • Vortech Heat Exchanger Tank
  • Canton Expansion Tanks
  • AFCO PRO Series Heat Exchanger

Engine Specs

  • Block - Stock Standard Bore and Stroke Ford 4.6L DOHC
  • Crank - FMS Stock Steel
  • JE 8.20 to 1 Blower pistons
  • Bolts - ARP Cranks Shaft and Head
  • Cams - CROWER stage III camshaft, springs/titanium retainers
  • Heads - Fully Race Ported
  • Rods - CROWER H-beam


  • SLP 1-¾ Long Tube Headers
  • Bassani Stainless X-pipe with Cats
  • Bassani Stainless Cat-Back


  • 2 Focus fuel pumps
  • Seimens 60 lbs injectors
  • MOTOBLUE Fuel Rail Kit
  • #8 Fuel Line Upgrade


  • AEM Wide-Band 02
  • Autometer Boost Gauge
  • Dual Cluster Bezel


  • Intake - C&L TrueFlow inlet Pipe
  • K&N Cold Air Kit with AEM DRY Flo Filter
  • Accufab Throttle Body


  • NGK Plugs v-power
  • Ignition Soultions Plazma Booster

Power Adder

  • Whipple 2.3 SuperCharger Upgrade

Pulley System

  • MOTOBLUE GEN II COGG Kit - 20 psi


  • Kenny Brown CSR - Advanced Geometry System

Front Suspension

  • Front Tubular K-member
  • Special K-member 2-pt Lower Chassis Brace (substitute for LCB above)*
  • Oil Filter Relocation Kit*
  • Competition Control Arms*
  • KW Variant III Cobra IRS Adjustable Shocks & Struts with Springs
  • Front Sway Bar and Competition End link kit*
  • Offset Steering Rack Bushings
  • Front Bump Steer Kit


  • Kenny Brown Matrix System
  • MOTOBLUE Billet Girdle
  • Kenny Brown Bushings

  • Rear Suspension

    • IRS Advanced Geometry with Hard Mount
    • IRS Competition Rear Upper Control Arms
    • IRS Competition Lower Control Arms
    • IRS Rear Steer Kit
    • IRS Forward Torque Brace
    • IRS Aluminum Adj. Differential Bushings
    • Rear Sway Bar Bushings