RPM Outlet 2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Project Car
RPM Outlet 2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Project Car
2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Project Car
2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Project Car Hood open
2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 ProCharger 2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Interior 2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Suspension 2005 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Front View


Remember the feeling you had when you purchased your very first car! That's the way we felt when we saw this black GT sitting on the lot at a local dealership.

Thinking to our selves, this would make an excellent candidate to test and develop new performance products!

Immediately after the car appeared at our facility, we had get the car to look the part. A set of Eibach Sport line springs, MOTOBLUE cnc billet lower control arms put the GT right where it should be from the factory, on the pavement! Wheel and tire combinations can kill the look your trying to achieve, we chose Boyd Coddington's smoothie II's and wrapped them with BF GOODRICH KDW G-FORCE T/A'S . With 255 / 45 / 18's on the front and 285 / 40 / 18 on the rear, this black beauty has the stance we were trying to achieve.

Getting this mustang to breathe we had Mac performance build us a custom set of 1 3/4" long-tube ceramic coated headers and a catted pro-chamber. Out back is Ford Racings stainless steel axle-back system. Up front we used C&L's cold air kit and tuned it with the Diablo Predator. MOTOBLUE supplied us with their new charge motion plates, MOTOBLUE billet twin 62mm throttle body to remove all of the restrictions in the intake system all together.

Time for some bolt-on's, Meziere electric water pump and relay kit, MOTOBLUE under drive pulley kit with idler pulley. Planning on using a ZEX nitrous system, we needed an alternative fuel supply. From the fuel filter forward MOTOBLUE has this larger # fuel line kit that maintains a larger fuel supply to the rails. MOTOBLUE came up with their billet fuel rail adaptor to supply a N.O.S. kit or simply install a fuel pressure gauge. To monitor all the important engine functions, a ProPod was installed with the Aem wide band controller and Auto meters boost pressure gauge for the up and coming supercharger.

We removed the battery and installed in the trunk using Moroso's battery relocation kit. This helps in weight transfer and also frees up space under the hood. The last to go was the factory shifter. Hurst has 2 versions; we install the classic chrome handle with the white shifter ball for the modern retro-look. STAY TUNED FOR THE FUTURE UPGRADES!

For dyno chart Click-Here.


  • Baer Claw 14″ Fronts
  • Baer EradaSpeed Rears +2
  • EradaSpeed Pads

Computer Tuner

  • Diablosport Predator Custom Tune
  • Diablosport MAF.ia


  • Plazma Booster Ignition


  • ProCharger Heat Exchanger Tank
  • Canton Expansion Tanks
  • Factory Radiator
  • MEIZERE Electric Water Pump


  • Block - Stock Standard Bore / Stroke 4.6L
  • Crank - Cobra Stock Steel
  • JE 8.20 to 1 Blower pistons
  • Bolts - ARP Cranks Shaft and Head
  • Cams - CROWER stage III Prototype Billet
  • Springs - CROWER titanium retainers
  • Head - Mild Ported
  • Rods - CROWER H-beam
  • MOTOBLUEâ„¢ SFI Approved crank pulley


  • DYNATECH 1-3/4 Long Tube Headers
  • DYNATECH Stainless X-pipe with Cats
  • MOTOBLUE Aero Series Axle-Back

Power Adders

  • PROCHARGER Intercooled F-1A
  • PROCHARGER Race Bypass
  • Zex - Nitrous System


  • Front Tubular K-member
  • BMR K-member 2-pt Lower Chassis Brace
  • MOTOBLUE 2-pt Strut Tower Brace
  • MOTOBLUE Billet Lower Control Arms
  • BMR K-member 2-pt Lower Chassis Brace
  • BMR Control Arm Relocation Brackets
  • BMR Upper Control Arm adjustable
  • BMR HD Boxed Subframe Connectors
  • BMR Tubular Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • Eibach V8 Sportline Springs
  • BMR Upper Panhard Rod Support

Interior Upgrades

  • Auto Meter Boost Gauge, Shift-Lite
  • AEM WideBand Gauge Kit
  • Corbeau RS Seats

Rear / Drive Line Upgrades

  • Detroit Locker Posi Unit
  • Carbon-Fiber Drive Shaft
  • Motive Gear 3.73
  • Factory 31 Spline Axles

Tires - Wheels

  • Boyd Coddington Smoothie II 5
  • 18" by 9" Front Wheels
  • 18" by 10" Rear Wheels
  • BFG G-Force T/A KDW Tires