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Why the DiabloSport?

DiabloSport Performance Programmers simply put, are some of the most advanced tuning devices ever developed for your vehicle on the market today.

DiabloSport Tuners and Programmers:

  • TRINITY Performance Programmer Part# T-1000
  • iNTUNE i2 Part# I2010, I2020, I2030
  • iNTUNE Part# I-1000
  • iNTUNE DCX Part# I-1000-DCX
  • Modified PCM′s
  • Modified PCM & I2 Packages
  • Modified PCM & TRINITY Packages
  • EXTREME Powerpucks

Programmers each will arrive preloaded ready to tune for your vehicle including Economy, Factory, Performance, Towing, Extreme, CAI Tunes, Pulley Tunes, and many many more (tune selection will vary from vehicle to vehicle)

Once connected to the vehicle, the Diablosport Tuner's internal computer recognizes the vehicles computer and automatically picks the proper tuning files designed specifically for Your vehicle.

With a touch of the screen they can tune your vehicle, read and clear trouble codes, while the Trinity will also display and customize virtual gauges, log and record data, and even compute multiple track times

The DiabloSport Lines of Tuners are the answer to all of your tuning needs.